Meeting On January 10th at WMS for UST 2019

The meeting is at 6:30pm and is for chaperones and participants.

January 30th is the big meeting!  Everyone welcome!

Get your money yet?  The dollar is bad right now.  Let’s hope it perks up soon.

Mr. C.


Eclipse coming to Red Deer!


By clicking on the link above you can see, read and learn all about Red Deer’s future eclipses (lunar and solar). It even illustrates exactly how the eclipse will look from Red Deer. The one coming to Red Deer will occur on August 21st.  That will give you lots of time to purchase some eclipse viewing glasses / mechanisms.  If you go to Yellowstone Park, located just south of Alberta by Montana, you will witness a perfect eclipse!  Have fun.


New Info for January 2016

Happy New Year Everyone!

I hope you had nice break with whatever or whoever was important to you!  May 2016 bring you good fortune, health and contentment! Myself, all 5 kids returned home from University and I spent some of my time fixing a heater fan, washing machine, a tooth, a laptop and a dog!
Quickly here’s what’s up in the next while…
1.  Meeting January 27 @6:30 at WMS (Kids and chaperones) Group Picture day.  Don’t be absent.
2. Got your passport?
3. Got your chaperone Police Check? (Need a letter? email me)
5. Final payment is due January 30th. And I am hopeful our bankers can start adding things up soon so that cheques can be cut before Jan. 30th. to pay for the last payment.  🙂
6. Final cost is being calculated by the end of next week.
The dollar took another hit over the last month, that doesn’t help.  😦
7. Last week I reflected on the trip and concluded that while a family excursion to the states may be extremely difficult to impossible now, this trip provides a timely and unique opportunity for a deserving young man or woman to participate in a trip of a lifetime that may influence them for the rest of their life in many ways.  For instance, an applicant for 2017 shared with me that her aunt went on the trip and because of it she became a physicist and is now doing good things in the world!
8.  Forms?   Prescriptions?  New Insurance policy? 
  Behaviour changes?  New Medical conditions?
**********please email me, we need to know.
9. Gerber Information and Registration Form.
Debbie of Gerber would like all participants to complete the form and sign it and date it.  Please print BOTH sheets.
Then complete the front side and return to me by email or in person on January 27.  I will copy the back form onto the backside of the front form.  They are at the bottom:
10.  Have you completed a Discovery Cove Waiver Form?
JUST click on document #5, print and sign and return on the 27th.
Questions?  Just email me or call  the school 347-8911
cheers scott